For most of us, work occupies a big chunk of our lives. So why not set yourself up for a career that you can truly enjoy? Thanks to technology, rush hour traffic, fluorescent lights, and 9am seat counts are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The future? The freedom to work when and where you want. Over the past few years, ‘Digital Nomads,’ have made their way into the workforce; and suddenly, remote jobs are popping up everywhere! This workplace phenomenon made us wonder…

Can you really have the career of your dreams without going through the motions of a 9 to 5?”

According to Pauline Paquin, yes – it’s totally possible! Pauline, (pictured above), runs five financial blogs and followed her dreams to work and live by the coast in Guatemala. How?

Pauline started her first blog, Reach Financial Independence, back in 2012, which provide readers with financial advice. Although she didn’t expect to turn a huge profit, the money started to flow in. It seemed like more people than she thought were eager to learn how to master their personal finances. As a result, Pauline now owns five blogs – all covering different aspects of money management.

Working remotely definitely has its perks. To begin with, you get to choose your own schedule, work from anywhere your heart desires, and gain more daily independence. However, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. Before you become established, most remote work is freelance, which means pay may come and go. Benefits such as health insurance and retirement options are also few and far between. Pauline advises to save up a money buffer to cover at least 3 to 6 months before you leave a steady career. That way, your budget won’t take a hit if you have bad week, or if a new client sends your paycheck late.

If you’re looking to leave desk life, make sure you have, or can acquire, a skill set that translates remotely. For example, writing, blogging, consulting, and many jobs in the tech industry can easily be performed just about anywhere that has internet access. Next, look into personal benefit options that may offer solid insurance rates for entrepreneurs and independent contractors. Nothing like an unexpected medical bill to throw your beach front office dreams right out the window. Lastly, NETWORK! According to Pauline, networking is the secret to setting yourself up for real remote success. The more influential people you know, the more likely you are to earn more clients and land better paying gigs.

*Photos provided by Pauline Paquin

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