Due to both the social and financial impacts from COVID-19, summer 2020 is shaping up to look quite different than the crowded sunny seasons of the past. Although health and safety remain a top priority, mental wellness and budget-friendly fun should also be considered. Below, are 5 tips to help you maximize your summer fun and finances during these unusual times.

1.) Enjoy the socially-distant great outdoors

Large concerts, food festivals, and crowded thrill rides might not make it on the summer agenda this year, but neither will the hefty cost. When you add in food and parking, even a one-day theme park visit can cost a family of 4 hundreds to even thousands of dollars! This year, why not try a cheaper, more social-distancing-friendly option? Pending your state’s current safety guidelines and restrictions, activities like camping, hiking, and even boating are great ways to get outside for those summer feels while also maintaining a safe social distance from others.

2.) Virtual summer camps 

Have little ones at home? Even though most group getaways are closed for the season, they can still enjoy a different type of camping option via virtual summer camps. From educational sessions involving coding and math to more adventure-based activities, kids can ‘camp out’ to new experiences online. Oh, and the best part? Many virtual camps have low cost or even free options to keep summer spending down.

3.) Learn a new craft 

With over 23 million Americans currently unemployed, learning a new craft could make you a more desirable career candidate. Online courses such as web design and even virtual yoga certification could help open new doors and add some fun to your unexpected summer agenda.

4.) If you need financial help, ask about your options

If you’re struggling to make ends meet financially, ask for your assistance options. There are plenty of financial relief programs available to potentially reduce or defer your payments until you’re able to get back on your feet. To find out which options that may be available to you, contact your lender or billing agency directly.

5.) Remember to take care of your mental health

In the wake of these usual times, it’s important to not only take care of your physical health, but to also designate time towards your mental wellness. This includes taking a break from the harsh headlines, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest. If stress or the emotional impacts from COVID-19 are weighing on your mental health, click here to visit the CDC’s website for help.




Disclaimer: Before setting your summer agenda, Docupop would like to encourage all of our readers to consider the health guidelines set by the CDC as well as the local safety advice and restrictions from your local government.

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