5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even when you’re on a budget…

Just because your heart is filled with love this Valentine’s Day, if you’re like most of us, that doesn’t necessarily mean your wallet is filled with the funds to pay for an expensive night on the town. Don’t cry over spilled chocolates! Docupop is here with 5 ways to make his/her day special, even when you’re on a budget.

Idea #1: Night in… #FTW

Ok so the obv. go-to here is a romantic, home cooked dinner in. But why not dial it up a notch this year?! You could do a tasty (affordable) chicken parmesan with pasta.  A few chicken breasts, roll in an egg wash, then bread crumbs, top with marinara, lay over a bed of pasta and wah-la , you’re done! For extra brownie points, clean the place up, do an extra chore to show you care (i.e. clean those gutters you’ve been promising you’ll get to for months, organize the tool shed, wash/detail  their car etc.).  Lastly, light some candles and throw on his/or her favorite playlist for the perfect little ambiance.

Idea #2: If you can’t spend, WRITE!

Little notes go a lonnnng way! Write down 10 separate things you love about your significant other and put them on post-its.  Place those notes in secret places so that your partner can find them all throughout the day (i.e. one on the mirror, one on their coffee mug, one in their lunch bag for work etc.).

Idea #3: Date night nostalgia

Not interested in another night in? If it’s local, why not take your favorite plus-one back to the place you met, the park you had your first kiss or anywhere in town that’s extra special for you both.  Step up your romance game with a pre-packed lunch/dinner, cute sandwiches, home cooked cookies, the works – and enjoy them right there in your special spot.

Idea #4: Love coupons

Show your affection with some cute, “I owe you’s” that cost you nothing more, than your time.  “I owe you a 30 minute foot massage,” “I owe you an extra turn on the dishes,” – or if you’re really feeling giving, you could give an, “I owe you, yes you were right this time.”  Make as many as you want that reflect you own personal relationship and give them to your significant other to cash in at any time.

Idea #5: Stargaze in a backyard bungalow

To pull this off, you’ll need 3 main ingredients:  fluffy blankets (and a tent if you have one), candles and wine (…or insert your fav. beverage here).  Head to the backyard with all of your gear (or perhaps to a local park if a yard is a no-go) and create a romantic oasis under the stars.  If you want to take this a step further,  download a free constellation app to see if you and your Valentine can find them all in sky together.

Utilizing any (or all) of the tips above, you can easily fill your Valentine’s Day up with tons of fun and affordable ways to show them you care; minus the pricey bill.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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