Quick! If we say, “Public Service Loan Forgiveness,” what’s the first job that pops in your mind? A nurse? Maybe a teacher? But what about those unsung career heroes that rarely get the recognition, or potentially even the loan forgiveness benefits they may deserve? Docupop did some digging and we’re revealing 5 surprising jobs that may qualify for PSLF.

1.) Forest Guardians

As an animal lover, protecting wildlife is most likely a natural instinct of yours. But what you may not sense is that red panda saviors, water providers for elephants, and even wildlife conservationists working in certain non-profit based animal sanctuaries may qualify for PSLF.

2.) Cafeteria Worker

Want a side of forgiveness with your sloppy joes? If you work in a public school or a qualifying hospital cafeteria, it may be possible. Cafeteria employees who work in a qualifying non-profit or government sector job who also meet the number of hours and successful payments required under the PSLF program, may be able to have a portion of their debt forgiven.

3.) Translator

If you can master more than one language, then working as a translator may take you into a qualifying career sector. Take advantage of your superpower by snatching a translating job for a healthcare nonprofit or immigration organization that helps foreign children settle into their new environment. Not only are you helping people in need, but you may also be on the right path to PSLF!

4.) Hippotherapist

At first glance, the function of this job title may surprise you. No, it’s not a hippo specialist; nor does it have anything to do with hypnosis. Hippotherapy, also known as therapeutic horseback riding, is a form of therapy where the therapist uses the movement of a horse to help improve the neurological functions and sensory processing of their human patients. This therapy has shown great strides in children with special needs, adults with PTSD and various mental and physical conditions. In addition to being a great asset to the community, this profession may also give you a ride right on over to forgiveness.

5.) Janitor

All companies and organizations need janitors. Yes, even non-profits and certain qualifying sectors of the government! If you work full-time as a janitor and have student debt, you may qualify to have a portion of your loans swept away.

Remember, a job title alone won’t necessarily qualify you for forgiveness. To become a qualified candidate, you still need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must currently be employed by a qualifying government or non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3).
  • Work full-time (or at least 30 or more hours per week).
  • You must be enrolled in a qualifying plan and have made 120 successful payments.

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