Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is prime time to plan the perfect date. If your wallet isn’t quite as full as your heart this year, there are still plenty of ways to spread the love without spending a fortune. These 7 romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas will make every hopeless romantic fall in love.

Bring Paris home

Even if you can’t afford a plane ticket to Paris, you can still partake in the same activities themed around the most romantic city in the world on Valentine’s Day. How about taking your date on an art stroll around town? Museums, art galleries, and long walks in the park are great for getting close. But more good things come with the city of love! End the day with some sparkling wine, grapes and a cheese platter at home – just like in Paris!

Cozy dinner date

Make a reservation at your favorite mom-and-pop restaurant for some authentic food that makes your taste buds explode with love. Eating out may be costly, but there are plenty of cute family-owned restaurants with budget-friendly dinner options. Make it extra romantic (and cheaper) by ordering one big spaghetti dish to share –  just like Lady and the Tramp.

Try horseback riding

How many times have you dreamed of riding a horse on the beach with your Valentine’s Day crush? This year, you can make your romance novel aspirations come true with an affordable horseback riding tour! If not on the beach, try a local ranch or somewhere beautiful in nature. Let the love run wild!

Home-style movie theater

Movie tickets are expensive. Add popcorn and soda to the mix and a simple night out could cost you big bucks. But Valentine’s Day can also be spent at home without spending a dime! Why not stay in your cozy pants and bring the theater to you?! Choose a classic black and white romance movie on your favorite streaming site, and a bucket of popcorn, a refreshing drink and you’ve got yourself a date!

Romantic picnic hike

Few things are as romantic as a picnic with your loved one in the park. However, why not spice things up this Valentine’s Day by taking your honey on an adventurous hike up to the mountain top? All you need to bring is a basket full of strawberries, chocolate, freshly baked bread, and prosciutto. Oh, and don’t forget the blanket for cuddles with a view.

Wine tasting

Wine and romance are like two peas in a love pod. Although wine tasting may seem like the perfect date, money could come up as a potential issue! Surprisingly, wine tasting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, a flight of wine at a vineyard or at a local tasting room typically cost around $15-20 per person and includes 4-6 different kinds of wine. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! To keep the savings flowing, bring your own snacks or lunch to avoid expensive food costs.

Experience a local musical

What could be better than live theater and romantic love songs on Valentine’s Day? Musicals such as Phantom of the OperaMamma Mia, and Les Miserables are classic faves on Broadway. But did you know that most cities offer similar experiences locally, at a fraction of the cost? For instance, local theaters, colleges or even high schools may be putting on new productions right in time for Valentine’s Day. You can dress up and have a romantic night full of fun in your very own hometown.

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